Skyhook Introduces Personas: Segments for Mobile Targeting, Attribution and Insights

Mar 7, 2016   

Posted by Skyhook Wireless

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Skyhook’s 3,000+ location-based Personas deliver unique behavioral targeting capabilities.

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Adding Precise Location to Any Device Just Got Easier With Skyhook's Lite Client

Apr 2, 2015   

Posted by Angela Diaco

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Millions of devices around the world trust Skyhook's Precision Location to deliver precise positioning. Our Precision Location SDK intelligently combines all available sensor data in a way that's proven to deliver highly accurate mobile location. But as new segments of lightweight devices enter the market, we've found that many have hardware limitations that prevent them from implementing this full spectrum solution. header_world

Introducing The Precision Location Lite Client: an open-source library that's easily ported to any platform or device. This C++ library with a C API exposed to applications provides Skyhook's highly accurate location technology, in a more lightweight package. This solves a major problem for smaller wearable, asset tracking or IoT devices that want to log user location. 

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How We've Built the Skyhook Brand

Sep 30, 2014   

Posted by Danielle Goodman

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We have proudly announced our newest product, Skyhook Context, a platform that combines Skyhook’s rich location data with a layer of context to allow our customers to deliver personalized, relevant content and dynamic experiences to mobile users. Along with the rollout of our new product, we have also launched a new website to help better highlight each of our new product offerings.

Here we discuss our new website with our Creative Director, Boris Savic, who has been instrumental in designing some of the creative concepts for the new vision of Skyhook since his joining the company last year.

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My.Skyhook Update: Managing Geofences and Advanced Analytics

Sep 25, 2014   

Posted by Eric Leist

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Along with the launch of Context this month, we’re excited to announce some major changes to the My.Skyhook web interface that will make it easier for our customers to explore and leverage Context functionality. We’ve analyzed our user data, taken some feedback, and set out to deliver the best tools for our customers to use our products, build projects and gain insights about their business.

The result is a revamped My.Skyhook interface that creates brand new ways to manage Geofences and analyze how your userbase is engaging with location and context-driven features in your app, device or platform.

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Skyhook Announces Context SDK

Sep 24, 2014   

Posted by Jim Crowley

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We are excited to announce the release of our newest product: Context. Context is a platform that combines Skyhook’s rich location data with a layer of context to allow our customers to deliver personalized, relevant content and dynamic experiences to mobile users.

Today’s announcement brings about a fundamental shift in the way anyone, at any stage of development or growth, can add functionality and deliver experiences that were previously too costly, too time consuming or just plain hard.

Skyhook is and always has been "location."  With Context, Skyhook transforms location from a simple latitude and longitude to an essential actionable data layer of context that helps our customers understand users while respecting their privacy. We are incredibly proud of our team’s successes, as we have played our part in the mobile location revolution over the past decade - which makes us even more excited about today’s release.

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